Want to sell custom t-shirts or accept donations for group fundraising?

We have the tools for setting up online shops, product design, & product fulfillment.
Shop demos give examples of how you can deliver your message and offer products for fundraising in a simple manner. Have an idea for your fundraising efforts selling shirts? We have the methods to get you selling online.

The first step is to submit artwork and we will help you the rest of the way! Take the first step.

Submit Design & Select Shirt Option

Submit your own designs or work with our team to create custom designs for campaigns. We work with the proper licensing where required to obtain artwork approval. Approved graphics will then be used on products.

Graphic Approval & Product Pricing

Once artwork is approved we provide the cost per shirt (or other products offered) based on the artwork provided or created along with the shirt option selected. Each campaign is unique and requires cost quoting on individual basis.

Create Online Shop - Promote & Sell

Decide your price for items and sign up to get an online shop for your group. Build the store. Promote campaigns. Sell products and your group receives profits from sales. You group can have multiple shops.

Want to start an online fundraising campaign, but have questions? Send us an inquiry. We can answer your questions about our system. We also ask you to be prepared to send any artwork you wish to use in your campaign. Artwork must be submitted through the proper approval process to be considered for use in online sales. This first step is required to open the lines of communication and help you begin the process of offering sustainable products for your fundraising goals.

ERM Shops First Step

Do you already have artwork created for use on products?

Do you need a website to offer your products for sale online?

Do you want to make money by marking up the price that we quote for your organization?

Sell Shirts. Save The Planet.
It’s not just about selling shirts. The products available have options that are made from recycled plastic bottles. Buyers get great products and plastic water bottles are kept from going into landfills.

Graphic Design Services Available

Our design team can provide services to create a custom look for your apparel products. Contact us for more information about these services.
All you need is a browser.
Your campaigns are managed through a browser. No need to know or learn any fancy coding techniques. Simply follow the instructions of our campaign management tools and you too can have an online shop where people can purchase the products you offer.
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